Friday, October 10, 2008

New Music Thursday...

Whenever I get down, I know that buying music will cheer me up. So, this Thursday, feeling a little down, I went music shopping, picking up two albums I'd long had my eye on.
One was Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga . I really liked their previous album, Gimme Fiction , and after listening to it repeatedly today in the car, as I drove from my physical therapist to work, then from work to the radiologist, and then to the orthopedist, I gotta say, it's a pretty good album.
The thing with Spoon is, they don't really "rock out". They're so cool in their playing that they seem kind of reserved. It's good, but you're not necessarily going to jump around in your underwear with a fireplace iron air-guitaring along.

The other album I got was My Morning Jacket's Okonokos . Now, I am a total sucker for a live album. I have extremely fond impressions of certain artists based solely on the quality of their live albums (the best live album, ever, in my opinion is a toss-up between Tom Petty's Pack up the plantation and U2's Under a Blood Red Sky . Anyone that doesn't like the Tom Petty album is just a godless communist in my opinion), and while I may not like the rest of their work (like other Tom Petty or U2 albums), I will always say "them? yeah, they're pretty cool" based on the live album.
Anyway, that's a long winded way of saying I like live albums, and I like Okonokos. It's not to the level of either "Pack up..." or "Under a blood red sky", but that's ok. MMJ is a pretty tight band, and it shows on the album. They don't fool around, and it's good to hear some of the older stuff in a different way. One of my huge pet peeves with At Dawn is that part of the album has this really annoying noise under the songs (it's like a squeak or something), and on the live album obviously, that's gone.
It makes me wish I could go see them, and everytime Bonnaroo rolls around (since it seems like they place every year) I want to pack my stuff in the trunk of my car and drive to Tennessee.

So, both albums were definitely well-bought.

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