Monday, April 14, 2008

Been a long time....

It's getting to be a habit, starting every post with some variant of "gee, it's been a long time".
I promise to blog more frequently in the future.
So what have I been up to? Not much, sad to say. I'm trying to find a motorcycle to buy, I've cooked some good food lately, and other than that, precious little that's exciting to any one but family.

Foodwise, I've checked out "Charcuterie" by Michael Ruhlman, from the library, and I'm making an honest effort to get a handle on this fascinating subject. If you're not familiar with the term, charcuterie covers a range of meat products. Essentially, anything smoked, ground, cured, or otherwise preserved. Think "ham", "sausage", "pate", etc.
I got the book on Sunday, and I immediately cured some salmon I'd had sitting in the freezer. I'm not sure how well it will turn out, but so far, my salmon looks like you'd expect gravlax or lox to look like. Considering all I did was mix up salt, sugar, brown sugar, coriander, pepper, and 5-spice powder, it could taste like fish sticks and I think I'd be ahead of the game.
I'll post pics tomorrow when it's done curing, and I'll also try and post about my empenada experience.

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