Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Beer!

It's the new year now, and I've got one beer bottled, and the other in my closet doing the dry-hop/secondary thing. I've already tasted my bottled beer, and while it's good (in the sense that there's nothing 'wrong' with it), it's a little more "stouty" or brown-aley than I really care for.
Oh well, I guess that's the price we sometimes pay. However, when I got done bottling that batch, I moved my version of "Maura's Bride Ale" to the secondary, and of course, I had to take a taste to be sure everything was ok. Fortunately, I think my concerns about the high temp were (at least this time) unfounded. The beer tasted "a-ok" to me. Now all I have to do is bottle this weekend, and I'm on to the next batch.
Since I'm working my way thru the "Homebrewer's Recipe Guide", and it's starting to get cold, I'm going to do a "Winter Prowler". Should be good.
Stay tuned, since I'm working on label designs right now, and I should be posting some this week (if I can figure out Inkscape, my illustration program).

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