Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Waiting on the beer...

Once you've got your wort in the fermenter, there's not a lot of action on the brewing front, and it's kind of hard to write about watching the bubbles come up thru the fermentation lock.
So, in an attempt to maintain the blogging habit, I'm going to fill space by posting the contents of my beer bookshelf (limited as it may be):
  1. The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing (1991) - Papazian
  2. Secrets of the Master Brewers (1998) - Higgins, Kilgore, Hertlein
  3. Brew Ware (1996) - Lutzen, Stevens
  4. Designing Great Beers (2000) - Daniels
I'll include links and commentary in an upcoming post, since I have a lot of thoughts about the state of "beer literature", but for now, I'll just stop with the list and leave it as a spark for people to go to Amazon (or the local library) to check them out.

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